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Java Bindings for GeodesyML v0.5

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The eGeodesy Logical Model, developed by the Permanent Committee on Geodesy (PCG) of the Australian and New Zealand Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM), defines a technology-independent language to model the core business processes, entities, and relationships within the geodetic domain.

GeodesyML, an XML implementation of the eGeodesy model, is a Geography Markup Language (GML) application schema for transfer of geodetic information. For more information about eGeodesy and GeodesyML, see

Geoscience Australia (GA) is adopting GeodesyML as the standard for exchange of geodetic information.

This library is part of GA's codebase, released as open-source. It is a work-in-progress; collaborators, users, and reviewers are more than welcome.


Since GeodesyML is in active development, currently in beta release, the implementation relies heavily on code generation to minimise manual intervention following schema updates. Generation of JAXB binding classes is handled in a fork of JAXB for OGC Project at

GeodesyML binding classes are generated in an almost one-to-one correspondence with GeodesyML schema element definitions. The generated code is often not idiomatic Java, rather it follows in structure more closely the conventions of GML, an XML-based language. It is unlikely that these classes will be particularly suitable for any non-trivial amount of processing. Their job is to load XML data in and out of memory, where it can be manipulated into structures suitable to specific tasks.

About JAXB

Java Architecture for XML Bindings (JAXB) allows Java programs to specify a static, type-driven, mapping from Java classes to XML element definitions. JAXB's binding compiler (XJC) can be used to automatically generate Java binding classes from XML schema files, which is useful particulary in the early stages of XML schema development.

At runtime, Java programs can use the JAXB API to unmarshal XML documents into Java object and to marshal Java objects back into conformant XML documents.

See unit tests for examples of usage.


This code is licensed under a BSD 3-clause license. See the license deed for details.


Contributions and bug reports are welcome!

Please feel free to contact us through GitHub or at

Lazar Bodor
LEad Developer
Geoscience Australia