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HiPerSeis: High Performance Software Package for Seismology Data/Metadata Processing and Analysis

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How to Cite

If you use this software in a scientific publication, we'd very much appreciate if you could cite the following papers:

  • Hassan, R., Hejrani, B., Medlin, A., Gorbatov, A. and Zhang, F., 2020. High-performance seismological tools (HiPerSeis). In: Czarnota, K., Roach, I., Abbott, S., Haynes, M., Kositcin, N., Ray, A. and Slatter, E. (eds.) Exploring for the Future: Extended Abstracts, Geoscience Australia, Canberra, 1–4.


Current Contacts

System Requirements

  • Python 3.6 (recommended)

Setup Guide

  1. First, obtain the source code from Github repository
  • git clone
  • cd hiperseis
  • git submodule update --init --recursive
  1. HiPerSeis does not provide an installation script due to the number of dependencies involved, some of which require low-level libraries to be available on the host machine. Instead, shell scripts are provided in hiperseis/setup_scripts for Linux, OSX and Windows for installing dependencies through a combination of Conda and Pip. A shell script is provided for NCI GADI, tailored exclusively for the current list of low-level HPC libraries e.g. MPI, HDF5, etc. available on the system.
  2. To use HiPerSeis in the checked out location, you will need to add the root HiPerSeis folder to your PYTHONPATH variable. For example, if you checked out HiPerSeis to the folder dev/hiperseis relative to your home directory, then in a bash shell you need to execute the following shell command: export PYTHONPATH=$HOME/dev/hiperseis. This needs to be done for each command shell session, or added to .bashrc or its equivalent.

Third Party Library Dependencies

Certain modules require specific third party (non-Python) libraries to be installed on the host system. For example, scripts that convert to sc3ml format also require Seiscomp3 to be installed and to be visible in the PATH.


HiPerSeis is licensed under the GPL version 3