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import csv
import shapefile
# Create a polygon shapefile writer
w = shapefile.Writer(shapefile.POLYGON)
# Add our fields
w.field("NAME", "C", "40")
w.field("AREA", "C", "40")
# Open the csv file and set up a reader
with open("sample.csv") as p:
reader = csv.DictReader(p)
for row in reader:
# Add records for each polygon for name and area
w.record(row["Name"], row["Area"])
# parse the coordinate string
wkt = row["geometry"][9:-2]
# break the coordinate string in to x,y values
coords = wkt.split(",")
# set up a list to contain the coordinates
part = []
# convert the x,y values to floats
for c in coords:
x,y = c.split(" ")
# create a polygon record with the list of coordinates.
# save the shapefile!"polys.shp")