Paths management for National Parks and Tourism organizations
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Geotrek, paths management for National Parks and Tourism organizations.

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In brief

  • Manage paths, treks and POIs
  • Track maintenance of equipments and infrastructures
  • Control objets by district, protected areas, physical and legal status of paths
  • Compute 3D attributes using DEM draping
  • Publish a public website with Geotrek-rando (e.g. PNE, PNM-PNAM)
  • Publish a public mobile application with Geotrek-mobile (e.g. PNE, PNM-PNAM)

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  • OpenSource - BSD
  • Copyright (c) 2012-2018 - Makina Corpus / Parc national des Ecrins - Parc National du Mercantour - Parco delle Alpi Marittime

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