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Rubber NPV for 8 Countries in AsiaV1.R


This a research I am currently doing. we try to answer a very broad question that if smallholding rubber farmers in Asia have a sustainable livelihood by cultivating rubber trees in their lands.

The research proposal

Asia supply nearly 93% of global natural rubber products that produced from rubber trees. Natural rubber latex from rubber tree is used to make vehicle tyres, including cars, bikes, rubber bands, shoes, surgeons’ gloves, condoms, container seals, yoga matts that we could see in our daily. Rain forests are clean cut to be able to plant only rubber trees to produce rubber latex, which leads to habitat loss for wildlife. About 6 billion rubber trees are planted. Biodiversity loss, soil erosion, loss of traditional agricultural practices, less economic resilience from planting rubber, make millions of smallholding rubber farmers facing an unsustainable livelihood. To be able to reallocate resource for helping smallholding rubber farmers in Asia, a sustainable livelihood map is needed. Questions to answer: How much rubber have actually been planted? The cost of planting and selling rubber latex? The risks that smallholding rubber farmers are facing in Asia and economic loss from the risks? What is the threshold price for rubber latex in the market would sustain the livelihood of smallholder rubber farmers?

Beside the statistic analysis, an expected final output is an interactive map application, using R packages like Shiny and leaflet, which could direct national, provincial and community decision/policy makers to better assist the farmers improve the economic resistance.

Here are some draft map outputs: biodiversity loss index through asia the difficulty of market accessibility 1 amphibians diversity 2 mammals diversity 3 reptiles diversity 7 bird diversity 10 biodiversity 4 travel time to near 50k cities 5 travel time to near 50k cities 6 rubber cultivation 8 minimum natural rubber price 9 biodiversity and costs combinations 1 with legend