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MicroProfile Training

This repository holds the training for the microprofile specifications. After working through the training one should be able to understand the most common microprofile specifications, their impacts, their interoperability and how to use them properly in real time applications.

This training is based on the Jakarta-EE 8.0 (Eclipse MicroProfile 4) specification and the Wildfly 23.0.2.Final application server.

Used Tools

To get the application running you need the following software installed:

Accessing the application

The application can be accessed via http://localhost:8080/mptraining/api/welcome.

Follow the instructions to work through the exercises.

When running in an IDE the actual port will depend on your configuration.


Building the application

Before you progress further into the setup of the training run mvn clean install in the projects root directory. This will build the project and also gather some dependencies needed further in the setup.

Running in an IDE

Refer to the documentation of the IDE of your choice, which must provide integration for Wildfly/JBoss servers, for how to set up the project.

Configure you wildfly to use microprofile configuration by adding -c standalone-microprofile.xml to your startup script in your run configuration.

When running in an IDE you may have to add this to both the run and debug configurations if you use both of them.

After the first startup you need to run the scripts.cli on your wildfly with jboss-cli for further configuration. The scripts.cli references some files (e.g. postgres driver) in the projects build folder (target).

Therefore you have to run the cli script from the projects root directory: <your-JBOSS_HOME-directory>/bin/ --file=infrastructure/wildfly/scripts.cli --connect

Restart your server after the script finished.

You need to run the server with the standalone-microprofile.xml otherwise microprofile extensions are not available.

Run the application with mvn wildfly:run.

In this mode you won’t be able to hot-code deploy. This mode is not recommended.

Starting up the infrastructure

Change to the infrastructure directory and run docker-compose up -d.

To access the infrastructure tools use one of the following links:

The credentials for all applications can be found in our infrastructure guide.

Further documentation

See our WIKI for contribution guidelines and deeper documentation about this project.


This repository holds the resources of the microprofile training







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