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#! /bin/sh
# Helper script to build the RPM packages. Just run this from the root
# of an unconfigured source tree:
# $ ./utils/
# Create the RPM build environment.
rm -rf rpm/dist
for dir in rpm rpm/RPMS rpm/SRPMS rpm/BUILD rpm/SOURCES rpm/dist; do
if test ! -d $dir; then
mkdir $dir
# Create the source distribution tarball.
cd rpm/dist
make dist
gunzip tre-*.tar.gz
bzip2 tre-*.tar
mv tre-*.tar.bz2 ../SOURCES
cd ..
# Build the packages.
rm -f RPMS/*/*.rpm SRPMS/*.rpm
rpmbuild --define "_topdir `pwd`" dist/tre.spec -ba
cp RPMS/*/*.rpm SRPMS/*.rpm ..
cd ..
ls -l *.rpm
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