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/* for running tests */
_MT == 1
_timeb == timeb
_ftime == ftime
.SOURCE: tests
:PACKAGE: pthread
set keepgoing
":test:" : .MAKE .OPERATOR
local I
$(<:D:B:S=.pass) : .IMPLICIT $(>:D:B:S=.pass)
for I $(<) $(>)
$(I:D:B:S=.pass) : .VIRTUAL .FORCE $(I)
sizes:: sizes.c
loadfree:: loadfree.c
mutex1:: mutex1.c
mutex1e:: mutex1e.c
mutex1n:: mutex1n.c
mutex1r:: mutex1r.c
mutex2:: mutex2.c
mutex2r:: mutex2r.c
mutex2e:: mutex2e.c
exit1:: exit1.c
condvar1:: condvar1.c
condvar1_1:: condvar1_1.c
condvar1_2:: condvar1_2.c
self1:: self1.c
condvar2:: condvar2.c
condvar2_1:: condvar2_1.c
condvar3_1:: condvar3_1.c
condvar3_2:: condvar3_2.c
condvar3_3:: condvar3_3.c
create1.:: create1.c
create2.:: create2.c
cancel1:: cancel1.c
cancel2:: cancel2.c
mutex3:: mutex3.c
mutex3r:: mutex3r.c
mutex3e:: mutex3e.c
mutex4:: mutex4.c
mutex5:: mutex5.c
mutex6:: mutex6.c
mutex6e:: mutex6e.c
mutex6n:: mutex6n.c
mutex6r:: mutex6r.c
mutex7:: mutex7.c
mutex6s:: mutex6s.c
mutex6rs:: mutex6rs.c
mutex6es:: mutex6es.c
mutex7e:: mutex7e.c
mutex7n:: mutex7n.c
mutex7r:: mutex7r.c
mutex8:: mutex8.c
mutex8e:: mutex8e.c
mutex8n:: mutex8n.c
mutex8r:: mutex8r.c
equal1:: equal1.c
exit2:: exit2.c
exit3:: exit3.c
exit4:: exit4.c
exit5:: exit5.c
join0:: join0.c
join1:: join1.c
join2:: join2.c
join3:: join3.c
kill1:: kill1.c
count1:: count1.c
once1:: once1.c
tsd1:: tsd1.c
self2:: self2.c
eyal1:: eyal1.c
condvar3:: condvar3.c
condvar4:: condvar4.c
condvar5:: condvar5.c
condvar6:: condvar6.c
condvar7:: condvar7.c
condvar8:: condvar8.c
condvar9:: condvar9.c
errno1:: errno1.c
reuse1.:: reuse1.c
reuse2.:: reuse2.c
rwlock1:: rwlock1.c
rwlock2:: rwlock2.c
rwlock3:: rwlock3.c
rwlock4:: rwlock4.c
rwlock5:: rwlock5.c
rwlock6:: rwlock6.c
rwlock7:: rwlock7.c
rwlock8:: rwlock8.c
rwlock2_t:: rwlock2_t.c
rwlock3_t:: rwlock3_t.c
rwlock4_t:: rwlock4_t.c
rwlock5_t:: rwlock5_t.c
rwlock6_t:: rwlock6_t.c
rwlock6_t2:: rwlock6_t2.c
semaphore1:: semaphore1.c
semaphore2:: semaphore2.c
semaphore3:: semaphore3.c
context1:: context1.c
cancel3:: cancel3.c
cancel4:: cancel4.c
cancel5:: cancel5.c
cancel6a:: cancel6a.c
cancel6d:: cancel6d.c
cancel7:: cancel7.c
cleanup0:: cleanup0.c
cleanup1:: cleanup1.c
cleanup2:: cleanup2.c
cleanup3:: cleanup3.c
priority1:: priority1.c
priority2:: priority2.c
inherit1:: inherit1.c
spin1:: spin1.c
spin2:: spin2.c
spin3:: spin3.c
spin4:: spin4.c
barrier1:: barrier1.c
barrier2:: barrier2.c
barrier3:: barrier3.c
barrier4:: barrier4.c
barrier5:: barrier5.c
exception1:: exception1.c
exception2:: exception2.c
exception3:: exception3.c
benchtest1:: benchtest1.c
benchtest2:: benchtest2.c
benchtest3:: benchtest3.c
benchtest4:: benchtest4.c
benchtest5:: benchtest5.c
valid1:: valid1.c
valid2:: valid2.c
cancel9:: cancel9.c
sizes: :test: sizes
loadfree: :test:
mutex5 :test: loadfree
mutex1 :test: loadfree
mutex1n :test: loadfree
mutex1r :test: loadfree
mutex1e :test: loadfree
semaphore1 :test: loadfree
semaphore2 :test: loadfree
semaphore3 :test: loadfree
mutex2 :test: loadfree
mutex2r :test: loadfree
mutex2e :test: loadfree
exit1 :test: loadfree
condvar1 :test: loadfree
kill1 :test: loadfree
condvar1_1 :test: condvar1
condvar1_2 :test: join2
self1 :test: loadfree
condvar2 :test: condvar1
condvar2_1 :test: condvar2
create1 :test: mutex2
create2 :test: create1
reuse1 :test: create2
reuse2 :test: reuse1
cancel1 :test: create1
cancel2 :test: cancel1
mutex3 :test: create1
mutex3r :test: create1
mutex3e :test: create1
mutex4 :test: mutex3
mutex6 :test: mutex4
mutex6n :test: mutex4
mutex6e :test: mutex4
mutex6r :test: mutex4
mutex6s :test: mutex6
mutex6rs :test: mutex6r
mutex6es :test: mutex6e
mutex7 :test: mutex6
mutex7n :test: mutex6n
mutex7e :test: mutex6e
mutex7r :test: mutex6r
mutex8 :test: mutex7
mutex8n :test: mutex7n
mutex8e :test: mutex7e
mutex8r :test: mutex7r
equal1 :test: create1
exit2 :test: create1
exit3 :test: create1
exit4 :test: kill1
exit5 :test: exit4
join0 :test: create1
join1 :test: create1
join2 :test: create1
join3 :test: join2
count1 :test: join1
once1 :test: create1
tsd1 :test: join1
self2 :test: create1
eyal1 :test: tsd1
condvar3 :test: create1
condvar3_1 :test: condvar3
condvar3_2 :test: condvar3_1
condvar3_3 :test: condvar3_2
condvar4 :test: create1
condvar5 :test: condvar4
condvar6 :test: condvar5
condvar7 :test: condvar6 cleanup1
condvar8 :test: condvar7
condvar9 :test: condvar8
errno1 :test: mutex3
rwlock1 :test: condvar6
rwlock2 :test: rwlock1
rwlock3 :test: rwlock2
rwlock4 :test: rwlock3
rwlock5 :test: rwlock4
rwlock6 :test: rwlock5
rwlock7 :test: rwlock6
rwlock8 :test: rwlock7
rwlock2_t :test: rwlock2
rwlock3_t :test: rwlock2_t
rwlock4_t :test: rwlock3_t
rwlock5_t :test: rwlock4_t
rwlock6_t :test: rwlock5_t
rwlock6_t2 :test: rwlock6_t
context1 :test: cancel2
cancel3 :test: context1
cancel4 :test: cancel3
cancel5 :test: cancel3
cancel6a :test: cancel3
cancel6d :test: cancel3
cancel7 :test: kill1
cleanup0 :test: cancel5
cleanup1 :test: cleanup0
cleanup2 :test: cleanup1
cleanup3 :test: cleanup2
priority1 :test: join1
priority2 :test: priority1
inherit1 :test: join1
spin1 :test:
spin2 :test: spin1.c
spin3 :test: spin2.c
spin4 :test: spin3.c
barrier1 :test:
barrier2 :test: barrier1.c
barrier3 :test: barrier2.c
barrier4 :test: barrier3.c
barrier5 :test: barrier4.c
benchtest1 :test: mutex3
benchtest2 :test: benchtest1
benchtest3 :test: benchtest2
benchtest4 :test: benchtest3
benchtest5 :test: benchtest4
exception1 :test: cancel4
exception2 :test: exception1
exception3 :test: exception2
exit4 :test: exit3
valid1 :test: join1
valid2 :test: valid1
cancel9 :test: cancel8
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