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clone / cvs-import of pthread-win32 + local tweaks (including MSVC2008, MSVC2010 and MSVC2012 project files)

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This directory contains an implementation of pthreads for Win32. 

Mailing list
Dec 10, 1998

There is a mailing list for discussing pthreads on Win32 which is
managed by Majordomo. To subscribe, send mail to
and place the fllowing text in the message body:

	subscribe pthreads-win32

Building the library with Cygwin32 or Mingw32
Feb 10, 1999

If you have a suitable environment run the configure script, otherwise you
can copy to Makefile and edit it as required.

There is an unresolved bug which shows up as a segmentation fault
(memory access violation) when the library is built using g++. Build
the test program "eyal1.c" and run with an argument of "2" or greater.
The argument is the number of threads to run, excluding the main thread,
so the bug appears with 2 or more worker threads.

The complete source code in tar format and a precompiled DLL and
matching pthread.h can be found at:

Home page:

Ross Johnson
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