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Facebook App for osCommerce
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Facebook App for osCommerce

Bootstraped template on shop site


  1. download zip archive from this repo

  2. unzip files

  3. upload files to webshop catalog directory

  4. download from the latest zip package

  5. unzip and upload all files from src/Facebook directory to ext/api/Facebook directory


  1. go administration
  2. install module Facebook login
  3. setup Facebook Login App

Create Facebook APP for your site (login)

  1. Goto Facebook developer site (
  2. Add a new App from right menu
  3. From Settings menu you need (App ID, App Secret, App Domains, Site URL)
  4. Add in Facebook Login menu->Settings->Valid OAuth redirect URIs: http(s)://yourdomainpath/login.php, http(s)://yourdomainpath/login.php?action=facebook_login
  5. Set Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs to Yes
  6. Add in App Review menu your app for public


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