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Daily Living Aids for the Memory-Impaired

Gerinotions are tools to help persons with memory impairment, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.

A number of friends have relatives with dementia. I wanted to document the problems and a few potential solutions to these problems. I'd love to get your help addressing these problems. Feel free to create issues and send in pull requests for any of these!

PWD = person with dementia


  • PWD has difficulty distinguishing the time of day and the types of activities associated with those times. Examples:
    • PWD thinks it's an appropriate time to go out to the store when it is 1am. This could present a safety issue when walking to their car at night, driving without assistance, or getting lost.
    • PWD does not know when to go to sleep which further compromises their cognition.
    • PWD may skip meals or medication
  • PWD does not evaluate harmful or non-edible food types. Examples:
    • PWD has a nut allergy. If there are nuts around the house, they will eat them.
    • PWD will eat expired or unfrozen food.
  • PWD cannot follow written instructions. Examples:
    • PWD cannot prepare food according to a recipe.
    • PWD will not microwave food for the appropriate time. In the cases we've seen, this is due to an innability to correlate numbers with the required task. More images would be helpful!
  • PWD gets lost. Examples:
    • PWD gets lost, but they have their phone. They have trouble using the phone to call and has no way to contact you.
    • PWD gets lost without phone wandering through a store.
  • PWD cannot distinguish between the phone and other household items. Examples:
    • PWD confuses phone for remote control resulting in inability to call for help.

We know there are more here. Please contribute others you've experienced as GitHub issues (I will be adding these in the near future). We'll discuss solutions to these problems there.