A list of alternative domains that point to @mailinator.com (daily updates)
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This repository is being generated based on the data of www.block-disposable-email.com. Updates committed on a daily basis as long as additions appear.

What you get

The data you can download at https://github.com/GeroldSetz/Mailinator-Domains/blob/master/mailinator_domains_from_bdea.cc.txt is a list of domains in sha1 format (lowercase hashed). Example: "mailinator.com" will be represented as "f65f8e182b0ecc8a1ec02aff22b2c26fabdb954b".


The intention of this file is to let you check your userbase or new subscribers against this managed blacklist to detect fake subscribers. We have chosen not to disclose plain text domain names as they might be used for fraud attempts - which runs contrary to our ideas. As mentioned the data comes from our main project www.block-disposable-email.com, which already serves thousands of clients.

What we provide here is a specific subset of our comprehensive blacklist which contains domains only that are hosted by mailinator.com and have been addded to . In case the community finds the data useful we'll publish domains of other main-providers the same way. However, we encourage you to use our api to get access to more than 10.000 dea domains from hundreds of different temporary email services.


If you are looking for more up-to-data dea domains please take our api into consideration or use one of the existing modules for standard software (such as Wordpress, phpBB, Java, ...) . It includes hundreds of alternative domains of well-known temporary email provider such as Yopmail, discard.email, mytemp.email, 10minutemail, generator.email as well as widely unrecognised services.

Feedback, suggestions, ... appreciated.

PS: Do you know of list of emailondeck.com domains? See https://github.com/GeroldSetz/emailondeck.com-domains