Excluding Folders From Indexing

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To exclude folders from indexing, open up your projects.cson file and modify the php.php_integrator.excludedPaths property. Currently, two types of paths are supported: absolute and relative paths.

Note that for existing projects, modifying the exclusion paths will not not automatically prune them from the index.

Absolute Paths

Simply use the full path to the folder or file.

  • /home/user/project/folder/
  • /home/user/project/folder/file.php.

Relative Paths

These are relative to the project path. As there can be multiple project paths, they must be prefixed with a number to indicate which path to use. The number corresponds to the index into the paths array in your project configuration.

  • {0}/tests
  • {1}/var/cache

Matching Algorithm

Matching is currently implemented in a very crude way: the indexer first scans all files in the project directories and drops those that start with any of the specified exclusion patterns. Regular expressions or globs are currently not supported.

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