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Locale i18n translations for Hobo
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Welcome to the Hobo-i18n-locales repository

This is the official i18n-locale repository for Hobo. It focuses on maintaining different i18n-locale translations for use in Hobo.

This used to be the repository for the hobo-i18n project, but since hobo-i18n was merged into Hobo itself this repository became the official Hobo i18n-locale source.

Hobo default translations

Hobo does not say any thing about how many and which files you add your i18n-keys and translations to. As a matter of fact - neither does RoR-i18n. The simple convention used in this repository is to collect all hobo-specific-defaults in a single file named hobo.<locale>.yml.

Application specific translations

Additional keys that is a part of your application can be put in any number of files. It is all really up to you. I personally use one single file named app.<locale>.yml to hold application-specific keys.

RoR-i18n locales

The i18n solution for Hobo is based on the techniques found in RoR-i18n. So, following traditional RoR conventions, download the applicable locales from Sven Fuchs and put them also in your locales folder.

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