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React Native Device [deprecated]

This project is no longer maintained. You can still use it as is, but bugs will no longer be fixed, features will no longer be implemented. An alternative to this package might be react-native-device-info

NPM Stats

A wrapper for the native iOS UIDevice & Android Build class allowing you to access device properties and screen dimensions. Currently only for React Native iOS, Android support in progress.

Installation (iOS)

First install the package to your project from NPM...

npm install react-native-device --save

Then within the package folder just add both the .h and .m classes to your project...



The device model is of type iPad


The device model is of type iPhone



The device model, such as iPhone or iPad


The device name, such as John Smith's iPhone


The device OS name, such as iPhone OS


The device OS version, such as 8.4


The specific device version, such as iPhone 4S or iPhone 6 - All model options


'use strict';

var Device = require('react-native-device');

var ExampleApp = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    if (Device.isIpad()) {
      // return iPad layout
    } else {
      // return iPhone layout