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Follow these directions to set up recurring commissions from Chargify for your Referral (or Affiliate) program.

NOTE: You must also have the ambassador javascript snippet on your payment success page, to record the initial commission.

1) Go to Chargify -> Settings -> Webhooks

  • Enable webhooks
  • Specify URL to your webhook handler
  • Check "Renewal Success" in "Webhooks subscriptions"
  • Save webhooks settings

2) Add ambassador_chargify.php file to your libraries folder.

3) Set values for $username, $api_key and $campaign_uid variables, and add additional variables (optional).

You can find them here:

Additional Variable Information located in API docs:

4) In your function which handles webhook data add this code:

4.1 PHP

NOTE: You need to specify path to your library folder

$ambassador_chargify = new Ambassador_chargify();

4.2 PHP + CodeIgniter


5) Run your webhook URL in a browser to check if there are any errors displayed. If you see blank page, it is ok.