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Built With Ember Website

A list of ambitious web applications built using ember.js.

This project was inspired by a Google Drive spreadsheet that was shared on Twitter sometime ago. We thought that it might be a good idea to have a site listing all the cool projects built using ember.js so we made it.


We are trying to keep the site submission quality as high as possible. Please only submit real world applications running in production environments. Make sure that you can link to the application directly and no demos or proof-of-concepts. Only finished applications allowed.

How to submit

To submit a site suggestion, open an issue or create a pull request. Pull requests will be given higher priority since they are easier to include.

Make sure the screenshot is 1000×800 for desktop apps/websites and 750×1330 for mobile apps/websites and please double check that everything looks good before submitting. It's also a good idea to run the screenshot through an image optimizer like TinyPNG before including it. This will help keep the website fast and the repository small as possible.

Running the site locally

$ gem install jekyll
$ git clone
$ cd built-with-ember
$ bundle exec jekyll serve --watch


Ambitious web applications built using ember.js.





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