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by Giovanni Collazo


  • This plugin will notify you JavaScript app when you app is launched or resumed using a UIApplicationShortcutItem.

  • The plugin will call window.onShortcutEvent and pass an object. The data property of that object contains the UIApplicationShortcutItemType of the shortcut used.


$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-3dtouch-shortcutitems

Xcode Project Setup

For custom shortcut icon create an Asset catalog and add your images. In this example the custom image used is called my-shortcut-icon. Set the text for the shortcut, in this example we are using Shortcut Title. Finally set the type of the shortcut, we are using com.example.quicklink.action.


    <string>Shortcut Title</string>

UIApplicationShortcutItems Reference

JavaScript Interface

// Register callback
window.onShortcutEvent = function(event) {

// Initialize properly
document.addEventListener('deviceready', function() {
}, false);