GetFinancing™ plugin for Magento 1.X (see getfinancing-magento2 if you are using magento 2.X)
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General Instructions
1. Create your merchant account to offer monthly payment options to your consumers directly on your ecommerce from here ( if you haven't done it yet.
2. Download our module from the latest release here ( or all the code in a zip file from here (
3. Setup the module with the information found under the Integration section on your portal account Also remember to change the postback url on your account for both testing and production environments. 
4. Once the module is working properly and the lightbox opens on the request, we suggest you to add some conversion tools to your store so your users know before the payment page that they can pay monthly for the purchases at your site. You can find these copy&paste tools under your account inside the Integration section.
5. Check our documentation ( or send us an email at ( if you have any doubt or suggestions for this module. You can also send pull requests to our GitHub account ( if you feel you made an improvement to this module.

Installing the module
The latest version of this module can be installed through Magento Connect. 

If you see any issue on the process or you have an old version, these are the manual instructions:
- unzip the .zip file
- copy over the app and lib trees
  - over ftp:
    - put -R app lib
    - ls app/code/local/EmPayTech/GetFinancing/Model/PaymentMethod.php
    - ls lib/EmPayTech/GetFinancing.php

Activating the module
 - Go to the admin backoffice
 - At the top, go to System > Configuration
 - On the left, go to Sales > Payment Methods
 - If Getfinancing does not show up:
   - Flush the cache:
     - System > Cache Management
     - Click Flush Magento Cache
 - On the left, go to Sales > Payment Methods
 - Under GetFinancing:
   - Set Enabled to YES
   - Fill in Merchant ID
   - Fill in username
   - Fill in password


In the complete integration guide that you can download from our portal,
you can see various test personae that you can use for testing.

Switching to production

 - Go to the admin backoffice
 - At the top, go to System > Configuration
 - On the left, go to Sales > Payment Methods
 - Under 'GetFinancing', fill in the production URL, and switch the Platform
   dropdown from staging to production.

Note that after this change, you should no longer use the test personae you
used for testing, and all requests go to our production platform.

Module notes
 - when checking out with GetFinancing, the quote only gets converted to
   an order after the loan has been preapproved.  This allows for easy
   rollback to other payment methods in case the loan is not preapproved.
 - the order is set to STATE_PAYMENT_REVIEW in Magento 1.4.1 and higher,
   and STATE_HOLDED before that.
 - Configure the postback url in the GetFinancing portal as
   prefixed with your domain

 - This module has been tested with magento versions 1.4 through 1.9
 - For 2.X version check it here

Create new package with Magento Connect
Follow this instructions:\

Remember to add all the plugin files at Contents section\
1- Install last plugin version\
2- Modify the plugin code\
3- Add files and folders in Magento Connect section of the admin\
4- Create package