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Build Status GoBlog Go Report Card [Twitter]( out an open-source blogging platform written in Go. Try it out free for life at

This is being rewritten from scratch (new platform and new blogging engine) soon -- stay tuned!

GoBlog was our entry for the 2016 GopherGala. Try it out live at

GoBlog is a platform for easily deploying your own blog. Passwords are hashed with bcrypt. SSL/TLS via Let's Encrypt.

Why GoBlog?

We provide a platform for bloggers to write freely from around the world. We provide each user with an unlimited number of blogs, unlimited page views and storage, premium DDOS protection, a CDN, and custom theme support. Our implementation of this platform is almost entirely in Go with server configuration handled by bash.

Why Journey?

We chose Journey as our base because it is a powerful blogging engine fully compatible with Ghost themes. Transitioning over to it is easy.

Our Team

Faraz Fazli - Backend Go Developer

Zain Hoda - Frontend Developer

Anne Moroney - UX Developer