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This is the repository for docker-compose containerized StarChat, a scalable conversational engine for B2B applications provided by GetJenny

Content of the repository

  • docker-compose.yml: a docker compose file where you can configure binding port and addresses, enable/disable services etc. See Docker compose documentation.
  • starchat/config/application.conf: the configuration file for StarChat, among the other things here you can configure the language and the passphrase for the TSL certificate if you plan to use SSL.
  • each service folder exports the volumes with the logs in order to access them from the outside of the container.

How to run StarChat

To run StarChat just install docker and run

docker-compose up

For the daemon mode use:

docker-compose up -d

After the service are up and running you will need to initialize StarChat (more about StarChat on the documentation)


Problems (e.g. max virtual memory areas ....)? Have a look at the troubleshootig section in the documentation.

How to contribute

To contribute to StarChat, please send us a pull request from your fork of this repository!

Our concise contribution guideline contains the bare minumum requirements of the code contributions.