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This is a small and simple contribution guide, every contribution is welcome if it is compliant with this guide.

Coding style

  • naming convension: see
  • indentation is done with 2 spaces
  • comments are welcome not only when the code itself need furher explanations
  • each function should have a test written using scala-test syntax, see samples in src/test

Code Review Criteria


  • Fixes the root cause of a bug in existing functionality
  • Adds functionality or fixes a problem needed by a large number of users
  • Simple, targeted
  • Maintains or improves consistency
  • Easily tested; has tests
  • Reduces complexity and lines of code
  • Change has already been discussed and is known to committers

Negatives, Risks

  • Band-aids a symptom of a bug only
  • Introduces complex new functionality, especially an API that needs to be supported
  • Adds complexity that only helps a niche use case
  • Adds user-space functionality that does not need to be maintained in Spark, but could be hosted externally
  • Changes a public API or semantics (rarely allowed)
  • Adds large dependencies
  • Changes versions of existing dependencies
  • Adds a large amount of code
  • Makes lots of modifications in one "big bang" change