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This is a patch release for Scatter 10.

This release only adds a few key features for sites that need it.

  • Returns chainId and isHardware on accounts so that websites can know which methods will work with an account's keys ( for instance authenticate and getArbitrarySignature don't work with hardware wallets )
  • Allows authenticate to work with given data + specified key to prove ownership of a key securely without exposing the user to possible buffer transfers ( triple hashing of data + nonce prevents this )

SHA256 Checksums

  • MacOS: 359d28ded1ec6889d0b0e51c2486f883035e7f5a7f614cf3b3bb1b4700178147
  • Windows: de902c1e951107c4fe120f99a322414545341ecdab41246fd1c1c24703cf89ed
  • Linux: e9456795829e0fe1433b6232a23f94eedc1d9751962543a8de3efcd47765df0a

Checking checksums

  • MacOS, Linux, or Windows with gitbash: shasum -a 256 <filename>
  • Windows with cmd certutil -hashfile <filename> SHA256