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@nsjames nsjames released this Nov 26, 2018 · 219 commits to master since this release

Emergency bugfix.

SHA256 Checksums

  • MacOS: 3735ef7396ceb0e9e5f9b7269f0f6957077365455dbcfc9bf54772dc7cc05469
  • Windows: 800ebd09e4aa953d9da0c60beb0d549fd250a2e5ee3054293808b0cb608a88ef
  • Linux: 3376afc9dd2c65f11e8e534347a1064ff6ce451cea34e1831fe688f09613bf9f

Checking checksums on any OS

  • in a console/terminal/cmd prompt: shasum -a 256 <filename>
  • For windows without gitbash certutil -hashfile <filename> SHA256

It is important that you update your Scatter Desktop immediately.

Once the downloads for the bugfix version reach sufficient numbers we will issue a statement about exactly why this fix was applied, but until then we can't give out any specifics as this is a vulnerability patch.

The vulnerability was brought to our attention by a whitehat (who is working with Team Greymass on an initiative to keep the entire EOS ecosystem safe) an hour ago, and was patched immediately.

If you haven't already, vote for Greymass.

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