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NFT Standard Wrappers

This monorepository is meant to serve as a single-location for wrappers of all different types of NFT standards such as dGoods, Simple Assets, ERC721 and others.

Design choices

Data type consistency

The nodeos software returns inconsistent JS data types (sometimes number, sometimes string) for the C++ integer data types used in the contracts. When the integer values are small enough to be represented as a JS number type, it uses that, and when they are larger, it uses string. To avoid this inconsistency, we cast all such fields coming from the contract DB tables to string.

Model classes

Some data types that come from the contract DB tables will be augmented to instances of model classes which might provide convenience methods on those instances. These classes will also ensure consistency in the returned JS data types when converting from the C++ ones used in the contract (as mentioned here).


Functions that query the blockchain DB tables accept PaginationOptions (lower_bound, upper_bound, limit) to pass over to the get_table_rows function on eosjs.

The return value will have the same structure returned by the get_table_rows function ({ rows: any[], more: boolean }), potentially with rows converted to instances of a model class for the particular data type.

This will allow the developer to request more rows and paginate over the result set as they would when using eosjs directly.


Adding new packages

DO NOT use lerna to add new packages. Use npm run create <PACKAGE_NAME> instead which will set up all the necessary files along with Typescript support inside of the packages/ dir.

Compiling Typescript

npm run build or npm run watch to build continuously while developing.

Packaging web bundles

npm run bundle

Running tests

npm test

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