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React Native Activity Feed Example

A mobile application built using React Native, and react-native-activity-feed

screenshots of example app


  • Flat feed
  • Notification feed
  • Activity detail screen
  • Profile screen
  • Profile update screen
  • Likes & Comments
  • Status update with hashtags, mentions, URL enrichment and image upload


  • NodeJS
  • Expo

Setup instructions

1. Install dependencies

# Clone the example app repo
git clone
cd react-native-example

# Install npm dependencies

2. Setup up your app

Get your Stream API credentials from the user dashboard and make sure your application has these feed groups:

  • user (type Flat)
  • timeline (type Flat)
  • notification (type Notification)

If you followed the React Native tutorial, you already have a pre-configured app on your account that you can use for this project.

mv .env.example .env

Open the .env file in your favorite editor. And fill in the credentials.

3. Get your userToken and setup demo data

yarn run init-data

Copy the line this script outputs and put it in your .env file.

4. Start your app

expo start

Follow the instructions from the terminal to preview the app on your phone or using an emulator.