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Geta Episerver geolocation tools


For ASP.NET 5+ and Episerver/Optimizely 12+ see:

This library can be used to retrieve the languagebranch which matches the given request best. It provides methods to retrieve a preferred languagebranch by a users' geolocation, browser language preference or both. The commerce library can be used to find the right market and corresponding language based on the same parameters. Useful to prompt the user that a different language might suit him/her better. Useful for setting the right market for a user or for suggesting a specific market and language. Builds on top of Episervers' built in support for geolocation


  • Get languagebranch by geolocation, preferred browser languages or both
  • [Commerce] Get market by geolocation and preferred browser languages
  • Override ip address for local development testing (by setting a cookie)

How to get started?

  • install-package Geta.EPi.GeolocationTools
  • install-package Geta.EPi.GeolocationTools.Commerce


Local development

For local development add a cookie to override the ip adress to an ip you want to test. Either in code:

// This will be gone next request
Request.Cookies.Add(new HttpCookie(Geta.EPi.GeolocationTools.Constants.IPAddressOverride)
	Value = "", // Chinese ip address
	Expires = DateTime.Now.AddYears(1)
var result = _commerceGeolocationService.GetMarket(Request);

// This will be there upon the next request
HttpContext.Response.SetCookie(new HttpCookie(Geta.EPi.GeolocationTools.Constants.IPAddressOverride)
    Value = "",
    Expires = DateTime.Now.AddYears(1)
// Chinese market (if available)
var result = _commerceGeolocationService.GetMarket(Request);

Or add a cookie "geolocation_ip_override" in your browser dev tools. Dev tools cookie

Test IPs

Country code IP

Code example for Geta.EPi.GeolocationTools

public class LanguageBranchExample : Controller
    private readonly IGeolocationService _geolocationService;

    public LanguageBranchExample(
        IGeolocationService geolocationService)
        _geolocationService = geolocationService;

    public void Index()
        // Gets the language based on the users' location and their browser preferences, depending on what is available.
        // 1. Language branch for both the users' country and their browser preferences
        // 2. Language branch for users' browser preferences
        // 3. Fallback language
        var languageBranch = _geolocationService.GetLanguage(Request);

Code example for Geta.EPi.GeolocationTools.Commerce

Register ICurrentMarket implementation

 public class StructureMapRegistry : Registry
    public StructureMapRegistry()

Get market based on geolocation and browser preferences

public class MarketExample : Controller
    private readonly ICurrentMarket _currentMarket;
    private readonly ICommerceGeolocationService _commerceGeolocationService;

    public MarketExample(
        ICurrentMarket currentMarket, 
        ICommerceGeolocationService commerceGeolocationService)
        _currentMarket = currentMarket;
        _commerceGeolocationService = commerceGeolocationService;

    public void Index()
        // Get current market based on geolocation and browser preferences, market, language, location can be null
        var result = _commerceGeolocationService.GetMarket(Request);
        // This one will be cached by storing the result in a cookie
        // Will fall back to first enabled market or the default market
        var sameMarket = _currentMarket.GetCurrentMarket();

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