A fast unobtrusive MongoDB ODM for Python.
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MongoFrames is a fast unobtrusive MongoDB ODM for Python designed to fit into a workflow not dictate one. Documentation is available at MongoFrames.com and includes:


We recommend you use virtualenv or virtualenvwrapper to create a virtual environment for your install. There are several options for installing MongoFrames:

  • pip install MongoFrames (recommended)
  • easy_install MongoFrames
  • Download the source and run python setup.py install


10 second example

from mongoframes import *

# Define some document frames (a.k.a models)
class Dragon(Frame):
    _fields = {'name', 'loot'}

class Item(Frame):
    _fields = {'desc', 'value'}

# Create a dragon and loot to boot
Item(desc='Sock', value=1).insert()
Item(desc='Diamond', value=100).insert()
Dragon(name='Burt', loot=Item.many()).insert()

# Have Burt boast about his loot
burt = Dragon.one(Q.name == 'Burt', projection={'loot': {'$ref': Item}})
for item in burt.loot:
    print('I have a {0.name} worth {0.value} crown'.format(item))


To test the library you'll need to be running a local instance of MongoDB on the standard port.

To run the test suite: py.test To run the test suite on each supported version of Python: tox

Helpful organizations

MongoFrames is developed using a number of tools & services provided for free by nice folks at organizations committed to supporting open-source projects including GitHub and Travis CI.