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Revision history for Perl module MooX::Cmd
0.017 2017-12-19
- bump author requirement for proper Perl::Tidy to 20171214
- ensure only MooX::Options 4.100 is tested to avoid false
0.016_001 2017-12-12
- improve repository infrastructure (steal from MooX::Options)
- fix cmd plugin loader to ensure unambiguous commands
- introduce optional role allowing abbreviated commands on CLI
0.015 2015-05-29
- fix breaking tests on Win32 due stacked Capture::Tiny::_capture_tee
(thanks Alexandr Ciornii for reporting)
0.014 2015-05-27
- switching from IO::TieCombine to stacked Capture::Tiny in
MooX::Cmd::Tester to avoid breaking commands in test (only)
when relying on fileno of STD{OUT,ERR}
0.013 2015-03-04
- fix repository path's (reported by haarg)
- fix ConfigFromFile test for Moose
0.012 2015-03-03
- add support for MooX::ConfigFromFile (0.006+)
- improve initialization by using List::MoreUtils combo-functions
instead of puzzling with List::Util
- improve test coverage
0.011 2014-12-03
- apply clean Perl::Tidy rules to avoid mixed spaces/tabs and other
- add version number to MooX::Cmd::Tester
- allow overriding protected constructor when renaming public one
0.010 2014-12-02
- switch distribution tooling from Dist::Zilla to ExtUtils::MakeMaker
- Added Changes file with content based on git log according to
CPAN::Changes::Spec (Neil Bowers)
- Apply typo fixes for documentation from David Steinbrunner
- Sven Schober provided heavily improved description
0.009 2014-02-08
- Apply submitted fix for RT#91481 - without test ..
- fix RT#91500 - incorrect execute_return if ...
The implication was wrong, indeed - but the effort was increadible.
Testing sucks :P
- distinguish between test_cmd and test_cmd_ok
- after chained constructor, we can use getters
- add missing prereqs
0.008 2013-11-13
- groundwork for testing with Mo(o(se))
- add THANKS section
- final test for MooX::Options 3.99
- eliminate hidden/private __moox_cmd_chain param
- massively increase test coverage
0.007 2013-11-07
- improve test coverage of MooX::Cmd::Role
- 100% test coverage of MooX::Cmd
- add some documentation for MooX::Cmd::Tester
- ignore editor temp files and backup files
- enhance and fix tests
- Adopt basic tests using tester API
- steal some code from App::Cmd::Tester and adopt
Basic test infrastructure ... needs fine tuning, but first steps
are done that way.
- BAIL_OUT when unable to load MooX::Cmd
No further testing possible nor reasonable
0.006001 2013-11-06
- remove superfluous "my" causing undef command_name
0.006 2013-11-05
- Merge
0.005 2013-11-05
- Merge into rehsack
- correct content of command_name attribute
- Merge
0.004 2013-11-02
- New travis config
- Add some comfort as primary author desires
To avoid scaring users the Getty wants some improved examples and an
accessor for last cmd in chain.
- Add some samples to role
author wants ('examples') x INT_MAX - unfortunately he gets only one
- Move initialization to MooX::Cmd::Role
- Improve documentation
- Allow Class->new_with_cmd->execute(...)
- Move initialization sequence for cmd into role
As discussed with primary author, a role having all neat information about
the cmd state in attributes is smarter that passing arguments ...
- Simplify loading commands to avoid stack frames
- Remove trailing \t
- Some safety first checks and minor optimizations
- Allow commands show available neighbours/children
- Merge
- Merge pull request #2 from yanick/master
only load commands if used
- Bump Module::Pluggable version to stop 5.18 from
whining and let it work smoothly on blead
0.003 2013-04-20
- Switched to Author::GETTY, added .travis.yml
- Don't load commands unless they are used
This should make things much more zippy if we have
more than a handful of commands.
0.002 2012-05-07
- Added requirement for Package::Stash
- Added documentation (hope it works ;) as told hehe) and use of Package::Stash
0.001 2012-02-10
- First release to CPAN