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Vue model-based tool to automate common frontend tasks
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Mantra is a model-based tool to automate common frontend tasks such as components organization, data management and API communication in a single-page application.

🔎 What's In This Document

📖 Description

Mantra's goal is to reduce the development time of your project by abstracting and automating common tasks in SPAs, leaving you with more time to work on the UI experience, business logic and custom features.

To achieve the abstractions, we [mantra team] decided to make Mantra an interpreter of configuration files that will opinionate Mantra's processes. The configuration files allows to customize processes like the fetching, storing and distributioning of data within your single-page application.

⚠️ Prerequisite

❗️ Recommendations

💻 Development setup

To start working on Mantra you need to do the following steps:

  1. Clone repository

    Using HTTPS

    git clone

    Using SSH: (Recommended)

    git clone
  2. Install project dependencies

    npm install
  3. Symlink Mantra to your local PC

    npm link
  4. Symlink Mantra to your local project

    Mantra as a tool needs an external project to develop it. With this command you are locally referencing mantra as a npm dependency of your project.

    npm link mantra

    ¿Want to know more about this step? See this document.

FAP (Frequently asked problems)
  • If you run your project with Mantra linked as a dependency and the bundling fails because of "Unknown plugin ..." error.
    • Must do: In occasions like this, the Mantra team must determine the right solution for the scenario (whether it is to install the dependencies or find another solution).
    • Possible solution: When that error occurs is because new dependencies needs to be added to Mantra.

📝 License


Copyright (c) 2020-present, Mctekk

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