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Integration between Trello and Rocket.Chat: send Trello activity notifications to Rocket.Chat channels.
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A Rocket.Chat Trello integration to send activity notifications to Rocket.Chat channels.


How To

  1. Create an incoming webhook in your RocketChat
    1. Go to RocketChat-> Administration-> Integrations-> New Integration-> Incoming webhook
    2. Set "Enabled" to "True"
    3. Give a name for the webhook (i.e "")
    4. Select the channel where you will receive the alerts (ex: You may wish to create a dedicated channel for your notifications.
    5. Select an account from which the alerts will be posted (usually bot account is used).
    6. Set "Script Enabled" to "True"
    7. Paste Trello.js inside the Script field.
    8. Save the integration. This will generate a webhook URL and secret for you.
    9. Use the generated WebHook URL to POST messages to Rocket.Chat
  2. Go to Trello's REST API and enter your Trello API Key and your Token to get started.
    1. After you have been connected to the Trello’s REST API you may wish to Get /boards/{id} which request a single board you are looking for, by providing the ID of the board as a parameter (For example in the URL, the ID would be Id0fth3B0rD). Press Try it to get the result.
    2. Select "id": "idModel" of a board which you would like to create POST messages to Rocket.Chat.
    3. Go to Create Webhook in the Trello’s REST API and add your WebHook URL (callbackURL), Board Id (idModel) and other parameters as below:
    description : ”Trello-YourChannel-Webhook”
    callbackURL:  "WebHook URL"
    idModel: "ID of the model to be monitored (which you obtained above)"
    active: "true"
    1. Press Try it to make it works.
  3. The integration is ready to generate notifications for the given board :) Enjoy it!
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