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Specification Integration Facility - schema, constraints, checker and examples


SpecIF represents the visible, i.e. the diagrams and the text, as well as the semantics of system specifications for model integration and model exchange.

Basic Assumptions:

  • There will be always specialized tools for different purposes
  • It is unwise to require collaborators to use certain tools or even a single tool
  • There is an interest to search, navigate and audit partial results in a common context

That‘s where SpecIF kicks in.

For details see

This branch details schema and constraints for 'fully-flegded' SpecIF. It is characterized by

  • A SpecIF data set (container) may have information elements of multiple revisions. The identifiers are identical and the revision tags change. The combination of identifier and revision, called 'key', must be unique, however.
  • Information content may be provided for more than one language.
  • A transformation to ReqIF is possible, if a certain revision level and a certain language is chosen.
  • A lossless transformation from ReqIF is always possible.
  • For a simpler SpecIF schema without support for multiple revisions and without multi-language support, please consult the branch 'SpecIF Level-1' starting version 0.10.2.
  • All SpecIF data sets (containers) conforming with schema v0.10.2 and above also conform with SpecIF v0.11.1 and above.

Thanks to @oalt for the discussion about support for multiple revisions and multiple languages!



In addition to the schema, the following constraints apply:

  • Any item's key consisting of id and revision must be unique. By default of a revision, the id must be unique.
  • A propertyClass's dataType value must be the id of a member of dataTypes.
  • ...
  • A resource's class value must be the id of a member of resourceClasses.
  • Similarly, A statement's class value must be the id of a member of statementClasses.
  • ...
  • A node's resource value must be the id of a member of resources.




This work has been sponsored by enso-managers gmbh and mdd4all.


Specification Integration Facility - schema, constraint checker and examples




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