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This project is inspired from the project "Makelangelo" from Dan Royer ( and the project "Der Kritzler" form Alex Weber (

This is another drawbot. ~_~

It use two NEMA23 step motors and a step motor driver board (based on TB6560) bought from ebay and a servo (the pwm signal from microcontroller control the speed of the servo rather than the position). The Microcontroller board is a ChipKIT UNO32. And it is really fast enough to drive the motors and servo under a unbeliveable speed. 
Because of the structor, the faster the Gondola (Penholder) is moving, the stronger the motor should be. For this point I've done a small research and made a data visualization to explain it.

Documentation & Presentation: Contain the material that I used to presentate my works in my university and the text documentation of this project
Drawing Data: Vector file collection that I found in internet and some converted .dxf .svg .ngc files
G-Code explaination: G-Code language Documentation and the TB6560 missing manual that I wrote for the badly documentated step motor driver board
Hardware: Contain the 3D laser data to be lasered for this project + TB6560 step motor driver board's original contents that saved on a CD
Software: My software development dummp + three other projects' repo

Video documentation:

Photos about this project:


A drawbot inspired by the project Makelangelo by Dan Royer



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