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Ghana NLP

Open Source Initiative focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP) of Ghanaian Languages, & its Applications to Local Problems

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  1. kasa Public

    English to Twi translation system being put together by the GhanaNLP team

    Jupyter Notebook 21 9

  2. ABENA Public

    Training Scripts for Various Language Models - BERT/mBERT, distilBERT, etc

    Python 10 4

  3. Forked from academicpages/

    Github Pages template for academic personal websites, forked from mmistakes/minimal-mistakes

    JavaScript 4 8

  4. Chararacter recognition of PDF file to text file

    Jupyter Notebook 3 1

  5. nokore Public

    Forked from algorine/nokore

    Nokore - A Collection of Scripts for Detecting Spammy, Fake or Otherwise Dangerous Communications Online

    Jupyter Notebook 2


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