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  • Remove all bridges before installing openvswitch
  • Load 8021q module after ovs_brcompat
  • api-paste.ini
    • should use admin_use/tenant or token?


  • db sync option different in nova and glance
  • nova-manage needs root, glance-manage doesn't

Debian OpenStack packages

  • nova/glance db creation (maybe keystone) multiple files
  • Patch evenlet for memory-leak (#661781)
  • Some pkgs need a more clear watch file (ignore git subreleases - Neccesary?)
  • melange conf file (it's a dir)
  • keystone dbconfig create fake sqlite database
  • When removing quantum, bridges and interfaces still exists in the host
  • glance user removed by several glance packages
  • quantum user removed while ovs_quantum_agent still running
  • horizon daemonize server and/or httpd conf files
  • iptables rules left
  • ip left in lo device
  • some running dnsmasq process
  • Package pysendfile
  • keystone migrate_repo incompleted! (WIP upstream)
  • rabbitmq-server remove error (still running when deleting user)