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what is Ghini (desktop)

Ghini was born as Bauble at the Belize Botanic Gardens, At its heart it is a framework for creating database applications. In their distributed form Bauble and Ghini are applications to manage plant records and specifically living collections. Either as Ghini or Bauble, the software is used among others by Belize Botanic Gardens, the Jardín Botánico de Quito, the Mackay Regional Botanical Garden, to manage their live collections. Included by default is RBG Kew's Family and Genera list from Vascular Plant Families and Genera compiled by R. K. Brummitt and published by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in 1992 used by permission from RBG Kew.

All code contained as part of the Bauble package is licenced under the GNU GPLv2+.

Terms and Names

This file describes 'ghini.desktop', a standalone application. Until 2015 'ghini.desktop' was known as 'Bauble/bauble.classic'. Ghini and Bauble are two github organizations. The current maintainer of Ghini forked development from Bauble into Ghini mostly because of his difficulty in pronouncing "bauble" and in explaining why the software was named that way.

Luca Ghini was the founder of the botanical garden of Pisa, and Pisa is the place where the current maintainer Mario Frasca has completed his studies in computer science.

Within the Ghini organization, you will find 'ghini.desktop', this program, 'ghini.pocket', a tiny android database viewer meant to help you take your database in your pocket, '', the sources for the ghini website, 'ghini.web', showcased at, and ghini.tour, a collection of settings for building audio guides to gardens.

The Ghini family has adopted two ODK products (collect and aggregate), which help our users add or correct information in the database. Not part of the Ghini organization, but integrated members of the Ghini family.


Just as Bauble's flagship was bauble.classic, Ghini's flagship is ghini.desktop.

Windows, in a hurry

Are you a Windows user and are in a hurry to run ghini.desktop? Download and install in the given order Git, Python, pylxml, psycopg, pygtk, then download and run devinstall.bat and keep ghini-update.bat for later reference.

Or also read the rest.

Further info

The complete documentation for ghini.desktop is to be found at It includes detailed and up-to-date installation procedures for different platforms, troubleshooting, and a very thorough user manual.

For any kind of question, you can open an issue here on github, or if you feel more comfortable with it, you can start a thread on our google group.