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πŸŒ„ Custom and Instagram like photo filter playground for CSS built with React
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This is the repo for - A visual tool to create custom and instagram like photo filters in css.


  • Una Kravets - For the fantastic cssgram project
  • Unsplash - For collecting and providing the awesome demo images
  • React - For being the most awesome js framework ever

Improvements and Bugs

Please feel free to open a new issue here with your suggestions or any bugs which you may have come across.


Incase you want to contribute to the source code, clone/download this repo and build the project locally. You would need to have node and gulp installed on your machine.

There is only one gulp task which you would need - gulp go. This handles all the compiling and setup tasks. It accepts two optional flags:-

  • --open - Opens the project in your default browser after compilation
  • --build - Minifies and optimizes the stylesheets and scripts

These flags can be passed together also. For example:- gulp go --build --open. This will open the browser and run the watch task in production mode.

A little project by @_ighosh.


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