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This is a single-view iPhone Pomodoro application. The functionality is as bare as the traditional Pomodoro technique popularized by Francesco Cirillo. It features a sleek UI with flat color palettes provided by the Chameleon Framework from Vicc Alexander. Simply tap to engage in whatever task calls your attention.

Simple UI

Timato's UI is simple. It consists of a motivational quotation, a timer, and two buttons. A green background means the timer is active.

Portrait Mode

A red background signifies that the timer is paused.

Portrait Mode

Upon launching the app, users will be met with a simple screen displaying a countdown timer, an inspirational quote, a 'go' button, and a 'stop' button. The quotation will change when after the completion of a single work-break cycle.

Once the timer is up, the users will receive a UIAlert notifying them that it's time for their break/to get back to work. The timer will begin only once the user has tapped "Go"

The app icon was made using the Tomato icon by Pavel Melnikov from the Noun Project