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Ghostshell |PoS| The Untraceable And Completely Anonymous Coin
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Introducing GhostShell
The final dot to get FULL Privacy on your money! Untraceable & Anonymous, we give you the full service and no questions.

The price was changed from 0.02€ to 0.11€.
Pre-sale end time was updated to 15th December instead of 25th March 2019.
Coin supply was reduced from 700.000.000 coins to 140.000.000 coins.

And yes, we will send pendrives with GhostShell coins to North Korea and Venezuela!

GhostShell [GTS] The Anonymous & Untraceable Cryptocurrency
GhostShell is a Game Changer. It exceeds all expectations on the purpose of what Anonymity means. It’s fast, anonymous, and untraceable. With GhostShell, you are your own bank. You can spend, send and recieve funds with all the trust that others can't see your activity nor your balance.

GhostShell main features:

GhostShell is Secure
GhostShell is a decentralized cryptocurrency completely untraceable by any kind of user. Transactions are confirmed by distributed consensus and recorded on the blockchain with no intervention by third-parties as companies or entities.

GhostShell is the meaning of Privacy
GhostShell uses Military grade stealth technology to obfuscate all user activity. Be your own bank in complete Anonymity.

GhostShell is untraceable
All user activity is completely obfuscated by default. Transactions on the GhostShell blockchain cannot be traced to any user.

The countries we support will be:

  1. Venezuela (Residents will recieve funds for transfers in and out of the country. SAFE AND SECURELY)
  2. Central African Republic;
  3. North Korea;
  4. Liberia;
  5. Sudan;
  6. Iraq;
  7. China; And others...

About the coin:

Each day a new privacy scandal comes out, and GTS aims to bring full scale anonymity & privacy. It is a Human Right to have privacy, and GhostShell is your shield.
We believe GTS will finally bring back the meaning of privacy, anonymity and security that was supposed to be in every single cryptocurrency.
We want to bring you the solution for these problems. We want people that suffer from dictatorships, unfair sanctions, starvation derived from their regimes in African and Asian countries to independently be able to control their own financial destiny.

GhostShell is a cryptocurrency that gives its users the full anonymity on every single move.
GTS Blockchain is using:

  1. PoSv3;
  2. Mixing;
  3. Stealth Addresses;
  4. Ring sigs;
  5. ZKP (Zero-Knowledge-Proof);
  6. TOR routing; These technologies are present in GTS blockchain to provide what is called by us ‘true privacy’.
    Using the last PoS version, mixing, Stealth Addresses, Ring sigs, Zero-knowledge proof, and TOR routing will bring to every user the true power and control over their money/assets.

Please note: No one will ever see any transactions, or explore transactions online, there will be no explorer so everyone can have the maximum privacy. Encryption and Decryption keys are always destroyed immediatly after the usage, so no information can be extracted.

Pre-Sale Launch:

Pre-sale of GhostShell coins will start on 25/08/2018 with 50% of discount at the price of 0.11€ per coin. It's Pre-Sale ends on 15/12/2018. After that we will launch it on a exchange.

Algorithm: based on ENIGMA proof-of-stake algorithm

Target exchanges:

1- CoinFalcon 2- Cryptopia: 3- HitBTC; 4- Binance; Other exchanges may apply.

Listed on:

ICO Holder:

Expected soft-cap: 6 Million Euros;

Expected Hard-cap: 14 Million Euros;

Projects coming with GhostShell:
1- Exchange (low fees and more);
2- Ecommerce (like ebay) working with crypto only;

Join our awesome comunity on:


GitHub is empty because we do not release unfinished software.

Teaser/Promo video:

White Paper:

For more information access here:

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