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Package Status: Orphaned

The latest stable release of Debian (which is "Jessie" at the time of writing this,) uses libc6 2.19, and should run Steam without the need for this package. Thank you all; it's been fun working on this package. Happy fragging!

This installer is for Debian "Wheezy" and not: testing, sid, or debian variants


Question: What's the difference between this installer and Valve's?

  • Answer: This version comes with an extra folder called i386-linux-gnu and x86_64-linux-gnu which is from Ubuntu's libc6 deb package, it is saved in /usr/lib/steam/. The steam-debian excutable loads said folder which solves the need for glibc 2.15

Question: How do I launch?

  • Answer: Type in any terminal: steam-debian
  • Note: For users affected by issue #27 LC_ALL=C steam-debian should be used

Question: Whenever I launch Steam, it asks me to install jockey-common

  • As of version, Steam no longer asks to install jockey-common on startup so, this guide isn't really needed, but I'll keep it for legacy purposes

[Method 1] recommended

  • Thanks to testian, jockey-common can be installed easily by:
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install jockey-common

[Method 2] if for some odd reason you don't trust testian's repo, you can install jockey-common by executing this script

Question: Where can I find the source?

  • Answer: steam-debian_source contains the source, duh.

Dropbox Download Link

If you're using a 64-bit system, you'll have to enable access to 32-bit libraries. Please read the wiki for more info

please check the wiki before you post an issue!