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### Plex is telling me to login and then not directing me to the server I just set up, why?
Upon starting up Plex for the first time, it's very likely you'll need to follow these steps:
> **NOTE - You have 5 minutes from the time you generate your Claim Token to get Plex back up and running, so you may need to work fast!)**
1. Run `docker stop plex && docker rm plex`
2. Run `mv ~/.config/appdata/plex/ ~/.config/appdata/plex.bak/`
3. Grab your Plex Claim Token from here: [](
4. Edit `~/.docker/compose/.env`
5. Set `PLEX_CLAIM=` to use the claim token you generated from the link.
6. Run `sudo ds -c up`
7. Go back to http://x.x.x.x:32400/web (x.x.x.x being the IP of your Plex server) and you should be able to complete FTS.

If the above does not work repeat the steps a second time but also with step 4 in your `.env` set `PLEX_NETWORK_MODE=host`. After claiming your server set `PLEX_NETWORK_MODE=` (back to blank).
Edit `~/.docker/compose/.env` and set `PLEX_NETWORK_MODE=host`. After claiming your server set `PLEX_NETWORK_MODE=` (back to blank).

### Everything's gone to crap, and I need to re-make my server. What do I do?
Thankfully, some of this information is well documented (but not easily found) over on Plex's website here!

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