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Getting started

$ cd src
$ hugo server --theme=ghoust --buildDrafts

Now you can browse the website on http://localhost:1313


  • The homepage can be changed in src/layouts/index.html
  • Pages can be added by creating files in src/content/page (see
  • Static assets (images, etc) can be added in the directory src/static. Everything in this directory will be copied to the root of the production build.

Changing the Theme (HTML, JS, CSS)

The theme is located in src/themes/ghoust. To change CSS/JS, get started with:

cd src/themes/ghoust
npm install
npm run build

The npm run build command compiles all the SCSS files into a single .css file, and also combined the javascript files. While developing you might also want to run the file-system watcher with npm run watch.