Python script for sending text-messages via the Forthnet WebSMS service
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* Forthnet SMS
** About
This is a simple script using Python's *Mechanize* library.
It is written in order to avoid the use of Forthnet's WebSMS Service website, when sending text-messages.

** Dependencies
   - Mechanize Library (
   - Python
   - Forthnet account

** Installation
   - To install *mechanize*: 
     - using pip: /pip install mechanize/ 
     - using easy_install: /easy_install mechanize/
     - you can also download *mechanize* from ( and run /python install/ (or read the INSTALL.txt)

** For Αndroid users:

   - Install the Python interpreter (SL4A > Menu > View > Interpreters and then Add>Python)
   - In order to use mechanize library with SL4A Python interpreter in Αndroid, just download the latest .tar from
     and extract *only* the source folder inside the folder with the rest of your scripts.
     Then you can import the library as usual (/import mechanize/).

** For iPhone users:
  - You need to be *jailbroken*
  - SSH into your iPhone
  - Download the latest version of Python for iOS package (ex. wget which includes setuptools (easy_install)
  - Install it (dpkg -i python_2.7.6-3_iphoneos-arm.deb)
  - Use easy_install to install Mechanize library (easy_install mechanize)
   - You can also use pip to install Mechanize: 
    - Use easy_install to install pip (easy_install pip)
    - Use pip to install the Mechanize library (pip install mechanize)