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Installing on Linux

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First, install the keylogger:

pip install keylogger

and there are several options that can be set with environment variables:

  • --log-file output.og: File path to use as the log file. Default is current directory.
  • --cancel-key: The key that uses as the cancel key, default is '`'.
  • --clean-log: clean the log file first, default is No.

How to run it?

To run it just type keylogger and it'll run:

keylogger --log-file keylogger.log 
RECORD extension version 1.13

The keylogger is now running! It will log your strokes to the file you specified. Stop it by hitting the cancel key (grave or `, if not set with --cancel-key. That's the one under escape on a standard keyboard.)

You can make it run on startup:

$ sudo make startup

Welcome to the Keylogger repo! Feel free to fork, contribute and help out!

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