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Adventures with WebSockets

Presented By Giancarlo Gomez

Adventures with WebSockets Presentation Code

  • Game
    This is a game that was inspired by Mark Mandel's presentation on Scalable Realtime Microservices with Kubernetes and gRPC where he showcased a working example of a 2 player Simon game.

Run using CommandBox

You can easily run the game using CommandBox. Simply clone this repo to your local machine and go into the game folder in your Terminal or Command Prompt and execute the box start command.

To use the console to debug the game, make sure to clone the WebSockets Console App and create an alias to the directory or drop inside the game folder.

You can create an alias by running the server set command.

server set web.aliases./console = \path\to\console


  • Into The Box 2016
  • Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2017
  • Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2018

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