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Refreshing your UI: Modern uses for WebSockets

This repo contains the slides of the presentation given at ColdFusion Summit 2018.

All demo code used in the presentation can be found in the following repos which have been updated so you may easily run using CommandBox or a ColdFusion install with IIS or Apache.

  • Adventures with WebSockets
    Repo containing the Simon Game demoed in the presentation
  • Realtime with WebSockets
    This repo includes the original demo code used in my Realtime with WebSockets presentation.
  • Realtime with WebSockets Demo Code
    This repo includes the enhanced demo code used in my Realtime with WebSockets presentation. This is the repo that contains the following examples.
    • Angular to ColdFusion
    • Swift to ColdFusion
    • HTML to ColdFusion
    • Chat
    • Simple and Advanced Socket
    • Socket.IO
  • Raffle App
    Repo containing the Raffle App demoed in the presentation
  • WebSocket Console
    The WebSocket console which can be dropped in any application and used for debugging WebSocket channels within the app.
  • AdvancedSocket
    The JavaScript library that can be used to maintain connections thru various failure points.


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