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Having shown the PoC for the Sales department during a lunch break,
the Sales people seemed happy.
This seemed to be what they wanted, of course there where some murmurs
of "why don't we use Excel instead", besides this, one additional specific feature
was required.
The head of Sales also agreed on defining a user acceptance test to seal the definition
of done..
The additional feature was the output of the result
- The result of an analysis must be output to a file named according
to the following scheme
This means, that if the sales people run the program on a
directory called ros_winter_2011/
the result is output to a file called
Where the content of the file is grouped by two headers
each line under the heading 'PASSED_FILES:' is the name of the file
where the projected sum and total sum matches.
each lin under the heading 'FAILED_FILES:' is the name of the file
where the projected sum and total sum did not match.
On the failed files, add the cause to why it did not match.
Example: A directory named RosFiles/ contains the following .ros files
2012-01-a.ros <--- OK
2012-02-a.ros <--- OK
2012-03-a.ros <--- Not okay
2012-01-b.ros <--- OK
2012-02-b.ros <--- Not okay
2012-03-b.ros <----Not okay
Thus running the program with this directory as input, the result
should be a file called
2012-03-a.ros,cause for failure
2012-02-b.ros,cause for failure
2012-03-b.ros,cause for failure
You where given a bunch of files for this, put into a directory
user_acceptance_test/ together with a file which holds the exact
expected result, but named user_acceptance_test.txt
Add the extra feature, so that you pass the user acceptance test
by reading the files from the directory and your output file
analysis_result_user_acceptance_test.txt contains the same
as the file user_acceptance_test.txt
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