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You are the hacker that is also the only and current it expert on the Firm.
The company is ramping up and they need someone to help develop
the sales department.
One of the things the Sales people say they want it a discrepancy analyzer
for their Record of Sales (ROS) files they get from their store managers.
You will write a quick PoC for the Sales people and demo it tomorrow.
This will be the first version and they will give you feedback on how
to proceed.
A record of sales (ROS) file is a date-/store-prefixed file as
in CSV format with multiple lines of the type
However, The last line in each .ros is a grand total for that month on the actual
income that store had for that month
You are to write an erlang program that reads multiple ROS's and outputs discrepancies
found between projected income and TOTAL_INCOME.
There are 4 .ros files available for you to test your program with.
Think about:
- what if the .ros internal format changes in the future?
- will the analysis requirement change in the future?