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@@ -9,21 +9,27 @@ Background:
There are high demands on fault handling.
- Implement a Publish Subscribe system with the following functionality and
- requirements
+ Implement a Publish Subscribe system described as the following
- Clients connect through TCP sockets
+ - Each client communicates with the PubSub system using
+ - A dedicated Send TCP connection for Publishing Messages
+ - A dedicated Receive TCP connection for Subscribing and Receiving Messages
+ - This is indicated by sending
+ - 'publish-connection'
+ - 'receive-connection'
+ on the chosen TCP connection once connected.
A connected client
- - Registers by sending 'register $NAME'
- - Deregisters by sending 'deregister $NAME'
- Subscribes to messages from a source by sending 'subscribe $NAME'
- Unsubscribes from messages from a source by sending 'unsubscribe $NAME'
+ - Sends messages to a named source by sending 'message $NAME $BYTE_SIZE $MESSAGE' through
+ the Publish connection
- Receives messages it subscribes to as 'message $MESSAGE_ID $BYTE_SIZE_OF_MESSAGE $MESSAGE'
+ these are received through the Subscribe connection
- ACKs each message received before receiving another, ack format is 'ack $MESSAGE_ID'
- - Holds a persistent connection that is only closed by the client.
+ this is replied to through the Subscribe connection, i.e the same socket it received it from
In order to have a good view of the system, a good enough operator interface is needed
to allow the team to search for flaws while intergrating and adding more

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