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Commits on Dec 03, 2012
@Gianfrancoalongi Added first crude escript version of the engine.
Thinking about making the features a CSV which all
engine implementations can then read and present.
@Gianfrancoalongi Escript engine almost done.
Will hardcode features for now.
@Gianfrancoalongi Current engine done. Hardcoded stuff. 6b287be
@Gianfrancoalongi Finished base program with 100% cover f3aa655
@Gianfrancoalongi Finished the rev2 feature b26db5f
@Gianfrancoalongi Added rev2H support to current system d252be2
@Gianfrancoalongi Refactoring the tests e9f1f69
@Gianfrancoalongi Added cap2H functionality fb8048c
@Gianfrancoalongi Refactored main usage module 5393b4f
@Gianfrancoalongi Fixed mistake da2188f
Commits on Dec 04, 2012
@Gianfrancoalongi Removed rev2H feature 2c6dbff
@Gianfrancoalongi Added rev1H feature 0218e9b
@Gianfrancoalongi Added input from Json file support.
Input is in an object field called data
@Gianfrancoalongi Removed superfluous file that was replaced with a more aptly
named mrz_data
@Gianfrancoalongi JSon in combination with cap1H now works 94ac231
@Gianfrancoalongi Added test to ensure that json and cap2h works 7f9c60f
@Gianfrancoalongi Added test to ensure that Json and Rev2 works together e1d768e
@Gianfrancoalongi Removed json feature 3b5c76e
@Gianfrancoalongi Removed cap1h from main a0b04b8
@Gianfrancoalongi Merge branch 'remove_cap1h' into remove_json_remove_cap1h
@Gianfrancoalongi Removing last remnant of json d26e7d4
@Gianfrancoalongi Added revwhole feature 1fe68c4
@Gianfrancoalongi Added capHT functionality 42206fb
@Gianfrancoalongi Removed cap2H feature dda5c10
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